work in progress

I am not sure yet, how this will be called. It is very much a  Phoenix.  There are the 4 elements in it and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is a lot about letting go. Picking up the bones and nurture them, then enter the universe , let go and heal, return with knowledge.

The style is a mixture of Celtic Shaman Art and Metharealisme.

Titan white and ultramarine blue form a silvery colour in the “spirit” figure. The reality of an oil painting is always very different, than a photograph. The 3 dimensionality is missing. 

Sheela in progress

Went to my favorite shop to get whites and found myself a set of foxes bones. Always liked to make studies of bones.

One of my Shelas from the Gods series : The fear Shela na gig.
You pass threw her portal  by letting go of your fears. Than she will take all your pain and sorrow, everything shitty, the whole lot. No bother. If you concentrate on the eyes you will see your fear concentrate on the moon, you will let go.

Solar shower

This has nothing to do with art, but I find it so inventif, that I have to post it. It is a very easy, cheap, but handy shower, not the camping type. You have hot showers for free, without missing the comford of your normal shower. Well almost.

1.First get 2 garden hoses, and put one end on to a tap inside the house. I put mine on the one beside the washing machine. You can take an outside one of course as well, so long it is not too far away from your solar  box.


2.Make a gap between window and wall or any other to go outside.











3. entering the box on a flat roof. Do not lay them straight onto the tarmac, cause the hose melts into the tarmac than.




4. Lay the garden hose in nice loops, otherwise you get cold gaps.






5. Put your second hand windows over the box.





6. Back into the house and connect to the warm water pipe of your shower. close house warm water and open solar water. Now you can shower like normal .The hot will be so hot after 1 hour sun, that you have to open  your cold tap as well to get the right mix.





You can do this with one hose as well, what gives you more pressure but only a quick shower, meaning water off, when soaping in.

In the beginning it stinks very much after garden hose,  but that goes after a while. Happy free showering


Bogoak piece